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Game Reviews

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

This game is probably the best game I will review on this website. It is an excellent game with new features such as flying aywhere and anytime and new elements such as shadow, wind, poison,and fear. The storyline is excellent, but it is oddly short altogether. I know that this game has been sitting in the up coming box for a while but when I got this game I played it for three days straight so I never got around to updating this website.

Like I said before, if you have never played any Spyro games then

  1. FAIL
  3. Play TLoS: A New Beggining

If you want to put your input on this game, email me at



Super Mario Galaxy

This video is the intro to a game that is a part of a videogame series that has changed for the better. This game is on the Wii which makes even more fun and addicting than it already is. For those that are wondering "this came out a while ago" this is the most recent game that i have enjoyed and that is challenging unlike some other Mario games.

Although this video dosen't introduce all the characters or creatures it gives the begining of the story line and where the adventure takes place. For parents that are wondering if you should get this game for your kids here are things to think about, is your kid a Mario fan? It dosent matter if he or she love it as much as possible. If they like the Mario games they will love this. Note that this game is only for te Wii. 100/10 on my chart.

Exigence World of Warcraft

WARNING: This is an experince ruining game if you have never played real World of Warcraft!!

In this version of WoW everything is impossibly easy. However to really be able to particapate in actual quests you have to be lvl 200(the lvl cap in this version as real WoW has a lvl cap of 70 about to be 80 in the expansion).It takes about a week and two days to get to 200(a bout an hour a day I'm not encourage you to play computer). It may take longer or not but I can never be sure. Again here is the warning....WARNING: this is an experience ruining game if you have never played real WoW before!!!!

Gear Reviews

Nintendo DS

This is a great handheld that has a good amount of games that aren't games from different systems. It does have games from other systems, but these have changes like enhanced graphics, new places/areas, and some have new characters. It's a handheld that brings the fun of actually touching the screen to even play the game sometimes(The legend of Zelda:Phantom hourglass). It is a very good gaming system for those who like to see changes and have an amount of actually good games for a handheld (I'm not saying all other games are bad).

Exclusive Skyrim Potion Ingredient Matcher

Skyrim potion ingredient matcher.

Game Reviews by Kids now hosts a unique potion ingredient matcher utility for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The ingredient matcher makes it easier to reveal unknown reagent properties while in game.

The Skyrim Alchemy Ingredient Matcher uses lazy point-only navigation: simply move your mouse pointer over the primary ingredient to reveal the ingredient's properties, then point to a property to reveal matching ingredients.

Matched secondary ingredients are noted with a number to indicate how many properties it shares with the primary ingredient. Point to the secondary ingredient to see the resulting potion effects.

The Skyrim Alchemy Ingredient Matcher also includes a set of Skyrim-themed backgrounds which auto-rotate with a nice crossfade. Use the background selector widget in the bottom right to set a specific background and restart auto-rotation.

Try GRBK's Skyrim Alchemy Ingredient Matcher now!

Kingdom Hearts Series

Though it only has 3 games in the series so far, it is popular across America. This game is a mix of Disney and Final Fantasy that is the best for people who like totaly different styles, places, and a weapon that isn't a sword or something that is in just about all games. Altogether, if you want a change in video games, this would be the best of the best. (Rated E10+). 9,999,999/10


Final Fantasy Series

This series has over 12 games in it so far, but none have any tie whatsoever except for X and X-2. These are some of the greatest games that have ever been released. The battle systems change slowly thrugh the games (ratings vary). 10/10

Nintendo DSi

Yea! The DSi is finally out! It's still upcoming though because I have to actually uy the system to put a review on it... So keep checking back because I might have the for it!!!More...


Kingdom Hearts 3

The 4th game of the series is almost here. KH 1, KH:Chain of Memories, and KH 2 have all been very good games, and 3 should be the best of the best. It is going to be on the Playstation 3 when released, but may be stretched to other game systems later. Might be and probably will be E10+ not exactly sure.

Club Penguin

Can't afford Wow nor anything else that is pay per play? Then try Club Penguin. I usually go to it on miniclip.com. It has no true storyline but is fun and has occasional holiday events. More...



If you are more mature then try Runescape. It has no true storyline but is mostly about... well it isn't really about anything except the quests.



If you want something that has a storyline somewhat play Maplestory. It is kind of a 2-D version of WoW with awkward enemies such as pigs, snails and barlogs. I wouldn't blame you if you have no idea what barlogs are. All of these games have extras you can pay for but are not required.

Okay so I have decided to put a space for reviewing books. Mostly because they are really good.


The Fire Within series

Yay! A book that mixes real life with dragons! This series is about a tenant that stays with a family of clay potters. Guess what the family makes? Yup, clay dragons. When the tenant, David, stays at the house he has some weird experiences. First off, the family doesn't have a kiln. That gives him the question of; how do they cook they clay so it hardens? Also, he hears this repetitive Hrrrr... The owner of the house, Elizibeth, Liz for short, says its the furnace. They don't have a furnace. Read the books to find out what is really going on in the house. More...


Here's a little section for children's video games.


Tigger's Honey Hunt

One of the greatest kid's games of all time. This is really fun and has some length to it so that it puts out a higher entertainment rating-ish type thing. The title gives what's in the game. You play as Tigger looking for Hunney for Pooh's birthday. Yea I know Hunney is spelled weirdly. If you have never heard of Winnie the Pooh, FAIL. Winnie the Pooh and friends are animals. There it is. 10/10 and it still is 10/10. While i'm 12. Screenshots...